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"Nature" of Relationship


"Nature" of Relationship

  • I need to indicate the "nature" of Relationships. For example, assume I have two Objects, Projects and People... with a "many to many Relationship." Mike has a Relationship with Project One and a Relationship with Project Two, as follows: Mike is Manager on Project One Mike is Asst. Manager on Project Two In this simple example, "Manager" and "Asst. Manager" indicate the "nature" of Mike's Relationships to the Projects. I realize I can create an Object to serve as the "middle man" for the Relationship... but, I was wondering how others deal with this situation in Rollbase apps. In apps we have developed in the past... we allowed entry of and stored a "Nature of Relationship" in tandem with the related Object IDs. Of course, that requires two descriptions of each "nature," i.e. one for each side of the Relationship. For example: "is Manager of" / "is managed by" but, I'm sure there are many ways to accomplish the same thing. Thanks!
  • If you just want to indicate that object A has something to do with object B - use relationship. But if you want attach some attributes to the same fact - use intermediate object C which has relationships with both A and B.

    Rollbase has a feature: convert "simple" relationship into relationship through intermediate object.
  • Example: Job candidate and Job (Requisition). Relationship between candidate and job may have many attributes attached. So it is advisable to have this data schema:

    Candidate Job Application Job
  • That's what I figured... thanks.