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Portal user Login Directed Towards Different Pages


Portal user Login Directed Towards Different Pages

  • Is there a wat to direct the portal login to a specific page based on where the user left off in the application / or based on a status/picklist in the application? That way if a portal user did not complete all of the required forms it will take them to where they left off or atleast to a page that gives them opportunity to complete them.
  • You can create a script to redirect visitor:
    window.location.href = '...';
  • ok, what field/code do you use to reference the page?

    window.location.href = 'Asset (View)';

    In this example i used page name, but i dont think that is corretc, what would I use?
  • OK, I figured out what to use to tell them what page to be directed to -

    window.location.href = 'http://www.rollbase.com/prod1/portal/portal.jsp?c=7045501&p=7210996&g=7445236&id="!id"&d=7445236';

    I used "!id" to take the user id from the login page and merge it to this url - but I am having an issue now - I need to create a field "Last page visited" i need a script that populates that field from certan pages with the page ID# so I can merge that in the URL as well. Any hints on a script that will capture thepage ID and move it to a text field?

    Is it even possible to merge a field into a url listed in the HTML onload event handlers page? Or is it more complicated than that?
  • Ok, I created a template field that creates the link perfectly - How to i get that template field to populate in the HTML Events Handlers (under page properties)? Also, still need to know how to get the page ID # of the last page visited to populate a field called "Last Page Visited" - Seems like i have it worked out after those two issues.
  • Before building href you can determine HTTP parameter "p" on current page - that's page ID.
  • YOu have an example of how to do this?
  • Wouldnt the easiest way be for you to add a field for last page accessed for all users? Like "{!#CURR_USER.lastApplication}" you have for application. That way this functionality could be easily accessed via rollbase instead of custom code? Seems like it should be there.
  • Do you mean ID of Rollbase Application? I can do this, but not sure how developers can benefit. This can only be used in templates, and in template you already know your application.
  • No the ID of the portal page. It would work the same as the other ID but allow us to que up last page viewed very easily...
  • OK, I'll add template token for that.
  • You can use {!#PAGE_ID} token.
  • great!
  • How do you tie that Page ID to the last portal user to access the application? Currently it pulls the last page accessed in that customer regardless of user. I need it to pull the last page ID from the portal user that accessed the portal. Otherwise it is overrided anytime a back end user access that same customer the last page ID changes - I need it tol follow the portal user specifically.
  • Would a last portal page visited work? IN stead of general PAGE ID - use portal page ID?