Rollbase application (e.g. RecruitDay!) Notes Update I'm wondering if you have some list or notes enlisting all the changes when a certain application in Rollbase (e.g. RecruitDay!) is being updated. We've last installed version 74 and made some customizations. Now, I checked the Application Directory and there is already a 75 version. I wanted to check what updates where made and if retrofit effort is needed for us to put back our customization that we made in version 74. Speaking of RecruiDay! application, I found some issues or would like to seek clarifications on the application. I'm using version 74. 1. As a user with Interviewer role, I wanted to Submit a Feedback but when I click the workflow action, there is a security restriction error. I am unable to update the access for this role since its not edit able even when I am using a System Admin role. 2. As a user with Interviewer role, I tried to click "The Interviewer" link in the Interview Slot Summary (My Interviews dashboard), and I'm getti