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Workflow Actions?


Workflow Actions?

  • Workflow Actions: How do you trigger a workflow action? For example I am creating a simple one to change the status from 1 thing to another based on the user clicking on something. I have created the action, but where do i find it to trigger it? I am a little confused on the workflow actions. The user guide has no visual reference it just says that status change pages when a user manually changes the work flow status, but doesn't say how you can manually trigger it.
  • Hi Tory,

    There is a field called "Workflow actions" in any object that has the Workflow attribute. All you need to do is add this to your View page for that object - you will then see links to available workflow actions that can be clicked when viewing a record.

    The actions shown in this field depend on the current Workflow Status of the record. Make sure to assign your action to each status you want it to be available in. You can do this by editing each Status.

    Hope this helps,
  • It seems like you can not use workflow actions in a portal? Is that correct??>?