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Portals and search pages

  • Portals - When I add a search form to the portal it gives me this error while using it: Error: There are no search result pages defined in LO Test Portal also, when I try to use a detailed search field it gives me this error: Search control has not been configured properly Can you direct me with what I am doing incorrectly? I am trying to make a portal so a user can search through the records.
  • 1. You need to add a new "Search Results" Portal Page to this portal. When creating the new page select the "Search Results Page" option.

    2. Where is the detailed search field you are seeing this on? (what portal, object and page)?

    3. What objects are you trying to allow portal users to search through. We can provide some example pages in your portal to get you started
  • I want them to be able to search through customers.
  • OK, we'll do a quick setup of this for you in your Portal in the next few days.

    For reference (and other users reading this), you need to create two portal pages: one Search page for Customer, and a Search Results page for Customer to achieve this. You can use the "Configure" option for the Search page to set up the search component as needed.
  • There is no search page? Only search results page?
  • Tory,

    If you are going to allow customers to login to your portal you probably do not want to allow people to search for Customers. Are you looking to enable searching for a different object on the portal. I guess I am confused why you want to allow portal users to search for Customers.

  • fyi, I misinformed you. There is a component called "Search Form" which can be added to Generic portal page. Add this component to a Generic portal page and "configure" it to set up search on that page as needed. The results will be shown in your page of type Search Results corresponding to the object type searched for.
  • How do I configure it? I have created a generic page with the search form but do not knwo how to cofigure it...