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Question on using the Soap API


Question on using the Soap API

  • Soap API create method had 4 parameters, but what parameters should I pass? The documentation seems not updated so I'm having trouble trying to create a record. And also, this is a creation of one record at a time... is there a way to pass multiple records using the soap API?
  • I assume that one of the parameter is the session id, then the next string is the object name. What data type will I pass on the 3rd if it is the values to be pass for the fields and what is the 4th paramater. And also on the return value, if the record is inserted without error... what value will it return?
  • The fourth parameter is boolean useIds which should be true if you use internal ids for relationships etc.and false otherwise.

    Thanks for noticing, I'll update documentation ASAP.
  • Hi Pavel! Thanks for your response. How about the 3rd parameter? How will I pass the values to the fields?
  • This parameter is explained in documentation. Instance of DataFieldArr is essentially array of DataField. Each DataField wraps a single field's value as string paired with field's integration name.

    This structure was selected for compatibility reasons with other SOAP systems.
  • Pavel, I just want to confirm if the DataFieldArr is the field values of a single record?
  • Yes, its array of field values for a single record to be created.
  • There is no api yet for creating a list of records? What I'm doing now is I'm using a integration tool that will import the records in a csv file to rollbase but by using the DataFieldArr, I will need to make a loop then replace the value to insert each record. It will be a nice if I can do it by batch by passing a list of DataFieldArr.
  • We can provide new API to create, update, and delete groups of objects. I'll let you know as soon as its done.
  • For updated documentation regarding Web Services APIs, see chapter 15 here:
  • I just deployed 3 new APIs: createArr, updateArr, deleteArr. Please check updated documentation for details.
  • Nice! Is there any limit on on the size of the array?
  • We limit number of API calls per 24 hours. For array API every array element is considered a call. There may be hardware limitations also.
  • How many API calls per day?