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Picklist Formula Errors


Picklist Formula Errors

  • I get an error trying to save a formula with multiple IF statements checking a picklist element. The formula comes back as VALID and returns the value I expect, but when I go to save it, the system returns "Error: For security reasons formula cannot include "for", "while", "function", "eval", or "Array" keywords."
  • Please provide formula you're having problem with, I'll be happy to help.
  • Pavel - here is sample that fails. how should it be coded? Thanks.


    var sum = 0;

    if ("{!permit_for_#code}" == "J")

    sum = 100;

    else if ("{!permit_for_#code}" == "B")

    sum = 250;

    return sum;

  • Hi Tom,

    Currently the "for" text is not allowed by the formula engine. We have an upcoming enhancement to the formula engine that will eliminate this limitation so you can either wait until this is released (TBD), or you can change the integration name of this field to not include the text "for".

    The reason "for" is not allowed is described in the formula guide, but again this restriction will disappear in the coming weeks.

  • Matt - I had seen that reference in the user guide. It refers to the text "for" in Loops, which we are not using; It says nothing about internal data element names including the substring 'for', so I had not even thought about it.

    In any event, we will look to change the internal name as possible. Thanks for getting back to us.