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Buttons or Links?


Buttons or Links?

  • Buttons or Links? Can you create a button or link for aregular user to have access to that will trigger certain events/triggers? Example: Currently I have to create a picklist for a user to choose and when they do I can make a trigger based on that field activate. But that seems sloppy - after they use the picklist the fioled will just sit there forever. Even though it never needs to be used again - For example - SUBMIT TO PROCESSING: YES Once they choose it I can create a trigger that will change the value of a field that will tell my processor the deal is ready to be looked at. But everytime they change that field it will do the same thing over and over - A buttone or link seems more appropriate - like the links created for workflow statuses. I hope this makes sense, but it is more visual then anything - A picklist would work, but seems like a messy way to start a process running. A link or button seems more appropriate.
  • Even if there is a way to use a radio button and say IF RADIO IS YES - then change the value of X field.
  • Hi Tory,

    Yes this is certainly possible in Rollbase and we provide several ways of handling this requirement. One is by using triggers which run after a record is created, updated or deleted.

    If you want fields to updated on the fly in the current page while the user is in the form, this is where our Field Event handlers and AJAX API come in. You can take a look at a couple demos here:

    ...and documentation for the event handlers here:

    Since you are now getting into highly customized UI logic, this involves a bit of scripting. Let us know if you get stuck.

  • Do you have anyone in your community that does any of this scripting for other customers? LIke pay per script or project? Because this is not our fortay.
  • We can check with a few of our customers but beyond this we can only recommend:
    1. Post a job opening or find a developer on sites like Elance
    2. We offer app development services at our standard rate