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Use of formula fields in charts and views


Use of formula fields in charts and views

  • It appears that Lookup fields are excluded from use in charts as well as in column storting or grouping in views. The exception seems to be a numberic formula (e.g. a formula returning a decimal or currency can be used in charts). Is there anyway around this? For example, I would like to sort or group a view by an alert (currently the formula returns a string that shows a shared image) or produce a chart by that same alert. If I convert the alert to a number I might be able to sort or group, but the chart will have no meaning. Ideas?
  • For technical reasons it is not possible to sort or group on formula fields. To work around the problem you may create a data field and populate if from trigger using formula. In this case you should be able to sort and group on data field.
  • How do I "populate a data field from a trigger using a formula?" It does not let me reference a formula field. (I tried using an integer formula and it works for charts but not for sorting/grouping in a view.)
  • Try this:
    1. Create a field "My Field"
    2. Create a trigger of type "Update Field Value" and select "My Field" to update.

  • Okay. That works great for getting the values back. When I try doing it with the shared images, however, I get the literal text of the image rather than the stoplight image to display.
  • Well, may be you can try this:
    1. Create a field which holds status info (I'd recommend to use workflow status for that - that would open many other possibilities)
    2. Create a template field which will render a picture depending on status field
    3. Sort/Group records by status field
  • Ron, you take a look at the Formulas guide to see examples of how to render images using Formula fields and Templates. This is doable.