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Saving pages or trigger is very low


Saving pages or trigger is very low

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I'm migrating from RB 2.2.2 to RB 5.3.1 and Ihave some problems with saving pages.

I have a Mysql 5.7 Percona Cluster for Databases and it work like a charm with 2.2.2 but when I modify page in 5.3.1 it takes a long time save (more than 20s).

If look in slow query I have nothing.

I have the same behaviour if I change a trigger.

My RB env is mutliserver in cluster mode (2 masters, 2 prod1, 2 storage1, ...) on ubuntu Server 18.04 + tomcat 9.0.14 + java 1.8.0_201, 4cpu 8Go RAM each



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  • Could you please log a support case?



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  • For more informations :

    If I shutdown one of the 2 prod1 server saving is very fast but when I restart the second prod1 saving is very slow.

    I didn't change any configuration in the prod-cluster-conf.xml file, only memebers IP :

    <hazelcast xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns=""
    <port auto-increment="false">5703</port>
    <multicast enabled="false"></multicast>
    <tcp-ip enabled="true">
    <aws enabled="false"></aws>
    <property name="hazelcast.heartbeat.interval.seconds">5</property>
    <property name="">300</property>
    <property name="hazelcast.master.confirmation.interval.seconds">30</property>
    <property name="">450</property>
    <property name="hazelcast.socket.server.bind.any">false</property>
    <property name="hazelcast.jmx">true</property>
    <map name="rb-*-cache">

    Do I need to change some parameters (like hazelcast.heartbeat.interval.seconds ?) to increase performance ?

  • Please remove below lines from the prod-cluster-conf.xml file. Remove from both the machines and restart both the servers.

    <map name="rb-*-cache">



    Please remove from cluster-config.xml and master-cluster-config.xml also.



  • I removed it on all nodes and restarted all but still freezing on saving when I have 2 prod in cluster.

    Do I need to redeploy WAR files (and remove cache form tomcat) ?

  • Could you please log a support case?