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getSelectedIds always return null


getSelectedIds always return null

This question is not answered

I'm trying to get selevted Id's in an object and use the trigger in the documentation.

var arr = rbv_api.getSelectedIds("order");
var buff = '';
if (arr!=null) {
for (var k=0; k<arr.length; k++)
buff += arr[k]+', ';
return buff;

But ut will always return 'NULL'

v. 4.5.3.

Anyone who knows what the trick is?

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  • Try selecting a few records on a list view of the object in question before running the debug inside of a trigger.

    If not, we should wait for Progress' answer.

    Hope this helps.

    Piscoso, Martin

  • Hi smartsysISV,

    This is a known bug. Please check the article below:

  • Couple of caveats.

    - selection is a user specific action, hence records should be selected by the user performing the trigger debug or run activity

    - ids selection is effected only through UI login sessions. If you are working with super login (Login As functionality), this won't work. You have to login as the user and perform the selection and subsequent execution of the trigger.

    Are you using the "Login As" feature?