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Show or hide section in a page


Show or hide section in a page

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I need to show or hide a page section depending on the user selection on a given field.

That field is a lookup field from a relashionship. 

The function that I am using is the following, but it's not working.

function showFinal() {

var usrinput = rbf_getFieldValue("{!R31077.R396080#name}");

var id = rbf_getSectionIdByTitle("Final Destination");

rbf_showOrHideSection( id , usrinput == "some value" );


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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  • For your value

    var usrinput = rbf_getFieldValue("{!R31077.R396080#name}");

    This {!R31077.R396080#name} is not a valid integration name field.

    You'd need to use R31077 then perform a rbf_selectValue() for its related R396080 id then use another selectValue() to get the name of that field.

    An alternative way is to store R396080 in the object of whatever R31077 is (using a new field and a trigger presumably).

    After you have it there you can use selectValue() to get it.

    Hope that helps.

    Piscoso, Martin