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How can we customize the "Send An Email" page of "Communication log"?


How can we customize the "Send An Email" page of "Communication log"?

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I want to customize the "Send An Email" page of Object "Communication log"?
This seems to be a special page as it is not listed in the object's pages.
Any hints how this can be done?


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  • This is not customizable using Rollbase Designer (Setup) as of now.

    It is actually a jsp file in the product (send.jsp in "m" folder in master and prod wars)

    We dont recommend customizing jsps as they changes need to be redone everytime you upgarde and you have to make sure its contract with Server methods (undocumented and subject to change without notice) are maintained.

    May I know what customization you are looking for ?

    May be we can add it to our setup in a future release...

  • We have 3 reasons to customize the page:

    1) Slightly change the design/alignment (nothing critical)

    2) We would like to associate a single Communication Log to more than a single Object (when it is relevant to do so).
    (I guess we could also use a Object Script Trigger to achieved this goal)

    3) When Communication Log is used with objects without the Contact Attribute, the Send An Email page doesn't populate the "To" field. Nevertheless those objects might have an email field (or be related to a Contact) that we would like to use for this field.

    We believe that point #3 can only be achieved by adding some code to the page, or adding a new feature to object Communication Log.