Hey all,

I'm trying to use the setDataField REST API as documented here: https://documentation.progress.com/output/rb/doc/index.html#page/rb%2Fsetdatafield.html%23

I'm trying to use the API to programmatically update a template text field on the Settings object. I'm stuck on the `value` parameter of this API, which states it is the "Value to be set. Must be formatted the same way as values in spreadsheet imports. For File Upload fields: Base-64 encoded binary value of file."

Is there an example of a valid `value` parameter? I am trying to use POST using a JSON string as the value parameter as such:

{"name": "some_integration_name", "value": "new template text value"}

When making the request with this string, I'm given a 200 OK stating that the field has been updated, but when I navigate to the field it has not been updated at all.