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how to make a table in a docx document?


how to make a table in a docx document?

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Dear readers,

I have a question about an issue I am having. I want to create a table in een docx document within a loop. I only want to name the collum titles and that the rest automatically will be filled. Can anybody help me with that

This is the loop and i want to create a table with these fields


{!name#text} {!R588350.Stage_opportunity} {!R588350} .{!R588350.R588359}  {!R588350.Number}  {!R588350.Unit#value} {!R588350.Unit_price} . {!R588350.Total} . {!R588350.Type} . {!R588350.Country_opportunity}  {!R588350.Total#value}



 Kind regards,


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  • Hello,

    How about manually entering column headers before start of {!LOOP_BEGIN...} something like

    “Department”		“Dept Code”		“Dept ID”
    {!}		{!R1717040.Dept_Code#value}		{!R1717040.Dept_ID}		

    Does this resolve your doubt?



  • Hi Nitin,

    No that doesn"t work also. The headers are not shown that way sadly.

    Thanks anyway


  • Hi,

    I was able to replicate this through document template generated in Rollbase. Its a dummy list of College - Department Info. Attaching screenshot, sample input and output docx file.

    template - input.docx

    template - output.docx

    Does this come close to your expectation?



  • Thank you! That works.

    But what if the table has multiple lines. Can it automatically put a row beneath it?


  • The above sample i shared was generated on single base record with 3 related records, for each of related record - rows were added automatically beneath last one.

    Otherwise, If you mean a column value has data spanning across multiple lines. In that case, the specific row's height would expand accordingly.

  • Thank you for the reply. I trying to fix it right now. For now I only get one line when there are multiples lines I need