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Rendering font from HTML to PDF


Rendering font from HTML to PDF

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I have an issue rending the HTML template to PDF.

We are using Calligraphy Font  in some specific locations of the Template.. When we view in the HTML format everything looks normal but when we are rending it to PDF the whole text converts to ARIAL / TIMES NEW ROMAN.

I have also tried using windows based Vivaldi font - Still same issue 
Used Google Font Online  - Still same issue  

So can you please let me know how i can render the font to PDF and it is very important to have the different font in the section.

We are on PRIVATE CLOUD so kindly guide us to solve the issue

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  • Have you configured PD4ML as described here

  • Hi mysteryminds,

    I am able to reproduce the issue with the windows based Vivaldi font.

    Looks like an issue from PD4ML. I have logged a rollbase issue - #82727



  • As part of your template you need to specify the correct font-family css on the html element.

    For example:



    html body

    {font-family: Vivaldi, Vivaldi Italic; }



    I am testing Vivaldi Italic font type



    Now, as you can see I have provided "Vivaldi" and "Vivaldi Italic". This is needed because the browser fonts goes by the name "Vivaldi" but the Windows fonts folder has the same fonts under the name "Vivaldi Italic". The view template option on the document template makes use of the browser fonts as its a client -side rendering. The preview option generates the document on the server side and hence requires the name of the font as in the fonts folder. So, please make sure that you have provided the correct font family name and the same is available in your fonts folder.

    Also, please make sure that you run the PD4ML TTF configuration command as explained here

  • Hello!

    We have the same issue BUT we are on a Public Cloud.

    Can w have control on the fonts??



  • Anyone know?


  • We are adding few more fonts to the public cloud as part of this Saturday update