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IP address of Portal user


IP address of Portal user

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I see portals support a special field of IP Address. Having added to an object and deployed to a screen it seems to provide a blank/null value. Is this filed auto populated by the Portal at run time or does code need to be added.

The documentation suggests the IP address and country should be retrieved.


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  • Hi ionacaerex,

    Yes, IP address field value auto populated by the Portal at run time when we create or update record from portal.

    Note: IP address field should be there in record Create and/or Update portal pages.



  • OK thanks for that but getting blanks for our entries - nothing in the field on a new record create.

  • Can anybody help on this please?

  • You probably need to show a screenshot of your new/edit pages for people to gauge your issue further.

    For me, once I place the IP address field in the new/edit pages (of my portal) it would automatically fill up with a value upon save.

    If you're trying to use it within the 'native' application while transacting, I believe it won't work.

    Just add more context to your issue so I (or the progress guys) may be able to give out suggestions.

    Hope this helps.