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What are the best ways to create custom REST API services in Rollbase? I would like to create some services in the application which can be consumed by the third party systems.

I don't think Rollbase currently has this feature but interested in knowing if there are ways to accomplish this and it is on the roadmap.

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  • You do not need to do anything to create the services.  As soon as you create objects in Rollbase, these objects are accessible via SOAP or REST.
  • Yes. I am aware of this feature but what I am looking here is to write a custom REST service in Rollbase. The service will implement a business logic and update more than one object in the same call.
  • You should be able to implement the logic in a trigger.
  • Thanks. I was also thinking in a similar way. In order to confirm the approach, could you please share more details on the approach and an example if you have one? We also want to make sure that the solution is scalable and can handle high volume.