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[4.5] - Include variable in EVAL block


[4.5] - Include variable in EVAL block

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Is there a way I can include a variable in an #EVAL block when using Browser-side API?

var str = "146201,146202";

  var returnVal = `#EVAL[var arr = rbv_api.selectQuery2('SELECT id, name, taskSubject, taskType#value, taskCategory#value, dueDate FROM ap_task WHERE id IN(?) ORDER BY dueDate ASC', 0, 10, '"` + str + `"');]` // doesn't work :(



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  • Hi Iram,

    EVAL block is calculated on server side and replaced by result before sending HTML/JavaScript to the browser. For that reason EVAL block cannot use browser-side variables. It can, however, use any template tokens available from tokenhelpers  dropdown in the UI.

    Please use Client Side select query.



  • Can you provide an example for that please?