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Import Outlook contact (VCF-file) to Rollbase


Import Outlook contact (VCF-file) to Rollbase

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I was wondering if anyone ever did a VCF import/upload in Rollbase to convert an Outlook contact to a contact object in Rollbase?

A customer wants to create a contact in Rollbase by uploading a VCF file. So I was thinking on creating a new object in Rollbase to run a trigger which parses the vcf file which fills the available fields.

What would be the best approach?

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  • Hi Aede,

    If you are on Private Cloud one way you can achieve is by using java methods in Object Script trigger which will parse the VCF file and extract the contact details. Once we get the contact details we can use rbv_api.createRecord API to create records on "Contact" object.

    In order to use java methods inside trigger add a property"CustomClassFilter" inside and assign required java packages to it.

    Example:If you want to use classes inside lang and io packages add them to CustomClassFilter as below.