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Show or hide field HELP!


Show or hide field HELP!

This question is answered

Hers is my script


function SorHEmploy()
var code = rbf_getPicklistCode("{!Has_Pension_Income#value}");
rbf_showOrHideField('Monthly_Income_Pension' , code=="Yes") , true,)

Its Onload and OnChange

But Debug gives this error

Any ideas/suggestions please?


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  • Ricardo - code is withion the New Application Object - it is located within the I&E tab (income and Expenditure). The script is within the page.

    Not sure how to load a doc here so will send it to you email address.


  • SorH.PNG
    Ricardo – my email for SAMEPAGE show or hide problem.
    The correct setting for ‘Do you have pension income (Y/N)’ should show or hide the pension income currency/numeric field lower down the page.
  • hi Rob,

    I have attached my example APP.

    Please note the hosted file and also all page properties for ObjectA.


  • Ricardo - many thanks I will implement tonight.

    It seems very complex - is this because we are conditioning from a drop down.  Would it be easier if I used a checkbox field or Boolean true/false?

  • Hi Rob,

    It is very simple... :)

    If you use  checkbox, you will need to check it almost the same way... so it does not really matter if it is drop down or checkbox.