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Export/Import application Problem!


Export/Import application Problem!

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Greetings, I have 2 tenants: one is used to develop applications and the other one is to test those applications.

Recently, I've exported the XML from the Development Tenant and with it, updated the testing tenant. But to my suprise, I saw a lot of difference in PERMISSIONS in my custom roles between both tenants. In other words, the roles' permissions didn't update in testing tenant.

Can anybody give me any suggestion on what to do? Does somebody have experienced this and have a fix?

Thank you very much!

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  • I don't these are carried over during export/import process.

  • Have you attached the roles with the Application XML?.

    Follow the below steps to attach the roles with application XML:

    1) Login to Development tenant

    2) Navigate to application settings page

    3) Click on Roles link

    4) Click on Attach Roles button

    5) Select the custom role you have created

    6) Save

    7) Generate the application XML

    8) Install the above generated application XML in testing tenant

    9) You should able to see the updated permissions in testing tenant



  • Hey guys, thanks you for your replies!

    Yeah, this should be carried over the import/export process, but sadly it isnt doing so in my case, or at least not completely, which causes problems since i dont want the tester to see some stuff, and he is seeing it.

    Yes, the roles are attached to the application. In fact, I was testing yesterday creating a new tenant and when I installed my App with XML, the roles had the permissions like they were on the development tenant. But when I try to update my testing tenant the roles' permissions still don't update like they should.

    Additional notes: I'm on release

  • Hi,

    You mentioned "i dont want the tester to see some stuff, and he is seeing it.". Could you please provide some more details?

    Also, what permissions are not updated when you install the updated app XML?



  • Hello Jesus,

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    Do you still see the issue?

    Please raise a Support case. It will help us to investigate this issue deeper.