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Main.log generates huge file size


Main.log generates huge file size

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is there anyone knows why the main.log generated huge file size? this is the first time i encountered this, normally logs are cut into small file sizes with so we were able to view or open in notepad. The rest of the logs are splitted into small sizes automatically. And we found this to only one zone. Is there any settings on the specific zone to stop the incremental of the main.log.

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  • The log file size is a system level configuration and has no specific setting for tenants(zone). It is odd that you should see such a problem. BTW, which version of Rollbase are you on?

  • I'm using This is really puzzled me, only 1 zone is affected and the rest of the zones have no problem. Only the Main.log is not doing the splitting or not creating file log  such as main.log.1, main.log.2. And another thing.. I stopped the tomcat and split the file in to 2 (main.log.2 and main.log.3) and created new empty file named main.log. Then I started the tomcat and the zone started to logs. Next day when we checked the logs, the 2 splitted main.log were gone and the main.log started to generate 1 single file and the file size is still increasing... Again, we just found this problem in only 1 zone. do you have any idea where the issue came from? is there custom programming in the tenant that could affect the logs...??

  • Can you confirm if you have configured the log properties in components.xml under STORAGE? If yes, then what all have you configured and their values? Is there any specific log that keep repeating in the log files?

    If any other application is accessing the file (holds a file handle) in an edit mode then there is a chance that this might happen because roll over might fail. 

    Please feel free to reach out to our support team for quicker resolution. Such an issue has not been reported so far.

  • Hi,

    As far as i know we didn't change any parameters in the components.xml file. below is our current configuration.

    <Component name="STORAGE" type="STORAGE">

    <DisplayName>Storage Server</DisplayName>




    <LogFormat>[%d] %m%n</LogFormat>







    We tried to analyze the content of the main.log and it seems that no repeated items. The time per line is changing. If the problem is in the global configuration or parameters, all the tenants/zones in this instance might also have the same problem. We tripled checked every tenants and evaluate the development zone of the affected prod zone behaves differently, the dev zone didn't increment the file size, while the prod zone main.log is now in 7mb in size.

  • Please log a support ticket with the details.

  • Hello,

    Is there any solution available for huge main logfiles?

    We are facing the same problem.

    where on version

    Regards Jorrit