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Inserting image files in word


Inserting image files in word

This question is not answered

I am a non technical rollbase user so please go gently with me...

is it possible I can insert an uploaded image file in a word document so that my templates are customised based on the image set-up in the rollbase database.

If so, please could you provide a step by step non technical instructions.

Many thanks

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  • Please take a look at our documentation on templates and how you can use field tokens to bring in the data from Rollbase.

  • This documentation doesnt help sorry - is there any script you can point me at - my logo is just displayed as my integration name in the document template.

  • Any update please - still struggling with this.


  • Hi ,

    1) Create object A

    2) Add image upload field for Object A

    3) Add file upload field

    4) Create Document template from template section. Use image field token in template.

    5) Create a trigger of type "Create document template trigger". In this trigger definition select the template above created in step 4 and select File upload field created in step3 with after create timing.

    6) Create a record by uploading the image ti image field

    Now you can see document generated using the image you uploaded.

    Hope this helps.