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Views confusing the order of field when dragged


Views confusing the order of field when dragged

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Hi Guys,
When fields are being dragged around to change the order on screen, the order of the fields get mixed up.
Eg. Dragged Contact from first column to second column.
When editing the view, the order of the columns still reflects the original order (on the left).
I change the order and move the Contact column to the end (on the right) and save
The view does not reflect the changes made while editing the View.
I them manually drag the Contact column to the end.
When I try to edit the view again, the order is totally different.
The more you try to fix it the more confusing the view gets, and the more fields you have in your view the more confusing it gets.
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  • Thanks also to you for validating :)

    This is exactly why we wanted to have the early access program in place, among other things, to speed up bug fixes and validation.

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  • In the List View Page, you have a tab 'Columns', click that and click the 'Reset' option. You will find that the order set in the View Design page is applicable.

    Do let me know if this helps.



  • I would also like to mention that the order of columns is stored on the basis of each user.

    This is not a bug, but a feature.

  • Hi Saras,
    Thanks for the response.
    This still does not explain why the View order is getting confused, when edited after the order is changed with a drag.
    But at least now we are able to reset the View to its original order.
  • Stephen,

    The order of the fields in the view definition is the default order.  A user if free to drag a column to a different position and/or change which columns to display.  RB will remember the new order for this user for this specific view and for the current device (so that you can have different column selection and order on a tablet versus a desktop).


  • Hi Thierry,
    Thanks for the response.
    I do understand how its suppose to work in theory, but this does not happen in my case.
    I think it is has something to do with the grouping? I’m not  100% sure.
    Step1 - Fields are displayed as defined by the View Creator
    Step 2 – I drag the columns Expected Revenue and Probability to Column1 and Column 2 respectively
    Step 3 – I move to a different object then back. Note the Expected Revenue Column has now moved to a different position
    Step 4 – I drag the Expected Revenue column back to the way I wanted it to be
    Step 5 – I move to a different object then back. Note again the columns have moved
    If you need more info, please let me know.
  • Hi Stephen,

    Could you re-try by Resetting your preference by using Column menu Reset link and also clear your browser cache ?. These user preference settings are cached on Session Storage at browser, may be there is a possibility that you may be served from browser cache.

    Please give a try with above steps and let us know following details if problem still exist.

    1) Rollbase version.

    2) Browser console screenshot (chrome preferable) if there are any errors.



  • Hi Vimal,
    I’m using Rollbase V4.3.0.0
    Cleared the Browser cache, but the problem still persists.
    Step1 – Original View as per View Creator
    Step2 – Moved Expected Revenue and Probibility to Column 1 & 2, move to a different object and then back again …
                   Column are still moving around, no errors in the console
  • Hi Stephen,

    We could internally reproduce this issue and have logged a defect for the same (for reference, the defect id is 64352).



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  • We believe we fixed this issue.  We have updated today.

    Could you give it a try and confirm the fix?

    Thanks. Thierry.

  • Hi Stephen,

    As Thierry said we fixed this issue and updated latest build on EAP. Please make sure you reset your column settings using reset link before you make changes and try, that way you can make sure you are working from fresh user preference.



  • Hi Thierry/Vimal,
    Thanks I have tested this on and the column order is now working as it should.
    Another problem I picked up while testing this, is that the sort order is changing as well.
    Without having to change anything, every time you come back to the view the sort order is different.
    Step1 – Sort order is on the Opportunity Field.
    Step2 – Move to a different object and return. Note the sort order has now shifted to Probability column
  • Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for confirming your actual issue was resolved .. Yes you are right there is an issue with Sort order. I found while fixing this issue and logged a bug for the same .. Bug Id is 64401.. Will fix Sort order issue soon and update you when it is done.



  • Great … Thanks again.
  • Hi Stephen,

    We fixed Sorting column order issue as well. Fix should be available in next EAP upgrade.