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image url PDF template


image url PDF template

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Hi everyone,

I need to insert image from the rollbase into a PDF wriable form.

which field I should do in the PDF form?

I tried a text filed and button field and I can't map it in the document template.

ant ideas?

Best Regards,


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  • Hi Refael,

    Currently we do not support inserting image in PDF document. However we are working on a feature related to PDF editor where in we will support this in future. We will get back on this.


    Ranjana Sinha

  • Hi Ranjana Sinha,

    Thanx on your answer.

    can you tell me when this feature is release?



  • Do you have an account on (the early access program)?

    You could try it there.  


  • Hi,

    Currently the image feature is not implemented. We will be doing in next release.


    Ranjana Sinha