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[4.2] - Validation onblur of field - Portal


[4.2] - Validation onblur of field - Portal

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Is there a way I can have some validation on a field when the user loses focus/tabs out of the field rather than on submit for Portal pages? Kindly let me know.



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  • Any suggestions on this one?

  • This behavior currently works in the New UI pages but not in portal pages. Any possible solutions for this one?

  • Client-side validation framework has been built into NUI pages leveraging HTML5 validity constraints & KendoUI Validation utilities, to ensure cross browser consistent behavior.

    The same is not available on portal pages as of now. You may consider using client-side JS and HTML5 validty constraints for custom client-side solution for replicating same behavior. However, without KendoUI utilities there will be major cross browser inconsistencies to address. Even though you can include KendoUI library for portal pages, applying it as client-side override without platform support will require siginifcant changes and will not recommend the same as it may also pose code readability and maintenance related challengs.

    Request you to file an enhancement for this requirement.

  • Hello ,

    Any possible JavaScript client-side validation you'd suggest?



    Done that. Thanks.