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Creating new records of one object


Creating new records of one object

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We have an object, called 'booking', in wich we need to make different kind of records.

These have the type: Purchase booking or Sales booking.

Now we need to have 2 'new' booking pages, one for Purchase and one for Sales. However we only have one object (booking).

In what way can we use two different 'new' pages; it seems to be not possible.

Can anybody please help.

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  • You should design Booking to be a holder object with common fields and then use 2 separate objects "Purchase Booking" and "Sales Booking" that can then be linked in the Booking object via the Reference Field type. See

    Reference field lets you select an object type and then a record of that type.

  • 1. Have you tried using the Role-based page assignment? Assuming that Purchase and Sales are user-roles.

    2. Have you tried using client-side script to redirect to the correct new page depending on the "type" of page?

    e.g. Use a picklist (or identifier) on your "base" new page:

    - onchange of the picklist, redirect the user to page 1 or page 2 depending on type

    var x = rbf_getPicklistCode('picklist');

    if (x == "1") window.location.href = "{!page1#URL}";

    else if (x == "2") window.location.href = "{!page2#URL}";

    - This would mean that the "base" page would be your jump page towards the two correct pages that a user needs to land on.

    - The same logic may be used on View Pages and Edit Pages. The process of it is that you would always have a jump page for each type of transaction (new,view,edit).

    Hope this helps.