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Vertical Links Alignment Field Attribute Issue


Vertical Links Alignment Field Attribute Issue

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Hi All,

I'm new to Rollbase and I've stumbled into an issue where the field's vertical links alignment attribute doesn't seem to affect the view page at all. I have a list of related ID's on my view page that are listed horizontally like so:

Test 1 | Test 2 | Test 3

I've set the field to list the ID's vertically but it hasn't worked. Here is what I was hoping for:

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Is this a bug of the system or have I just messed up somewhere? There isn't much information about this field setting in the Rollbase documentation.



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  • Hi Simon,

    This is an issue and have logged a defect for the same (for reference the defect ID is 56826).

    We shall intimate on the release for this fix.



  • Hi Shivani,

    I've just come across this old post of mine and have realized how out of date it is but I'm wondering, has the issue been fixed yet and if so which version of Rollbase was it released in?


    Simon Tregloan-Reed

  • Hello,

    We tried testing this in the EAP and we got this error. The links are still horizontally aligned.



  • Hi All,

    I've just tested this myself and it doesn't appear to work. I still get the horizontal lists and the same error as Iram.


    Simon Tregloan-Reed

  • We will take a look at this soon for V5. and post on EAP as soon as available.


  • This is fixed in latest EAP deployment.

    Please, check it out