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push update - batch jobs


push update - batch jobs

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Hello everyone,

I update an app for all tennet (I using in ISV Partner --> PushUpdate).

How can I update automatic in batch jobs the field: 

1- StartAt.

2- Nodify Address.

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  • We have addressed this issue already and the fix will be available in the 4.4 release.

    StartAt and Notify address fields were not exported/published with the app and left blank when importing an app into a tenant. The new behavior is to export the StartAt value (value you set in the app in your development tenant) so that when you push an update to your tenants, the batch job will have the startAt value already set.

    Notify Address field is being set to the customer/tenant's default mail sender address, only if this is a new batch job for the tenant. For an existing batch job (from an earlier version of the app) in the tenant, the email field remains unchanged.

  • Hi,

    Thanks on your answer,

    When version 4.4 would be released?