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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm use in API createRecord().

    I'm send integration name of field that i want to create in other object but i can't send a image, date and lookup field.

    someone can help me please?



  • The api rbv_api.createRecord supports passing in date and lookup field value. Refer examples from our online documentation documentation.progress.com/.../

    For the image data, can you try using rbv_api.setBinaryFieldValue()

  • Thank you for the answer.

    I success to pass date but not a lookup.


  • Hi,

    Please try the following code snippet to set a value for lookup field while creating a record.

    Here, what I am doing is 'whenever I created a task record, I am attaching a current task record (using {!id} token) to task lookup field by passing current record id to lookup field and creating emp record.'

    Like this, you can pass the existing record id as well to lookup field.

    var arr = new Array();

    arr['lastName'] = 'Emp_From_ObjectScript';

    arr['R115774769'] = '{!id}';

    rbv_api.createRecord("emp6", arr);

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Hello!

    Can I ask?

    If I need to insert to lookup filed few id?

    how do I insert an array to the field?



  • I found the solution.

    Thanks !