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Rollbase How do you Group grids by multiple columns?


Rollbase How do you Group grids by multiple columns?

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How can I group grids by multiple columns / fields?

I need to group data in grids by several columns not just one.

Likewise I need to sort grids by several columns.


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  • Rollbase does not support multi-column grouping. Kendo grid does support multi-column grouping but given that Rollbase grids support serverside pagination/grouping/sorting, there is no workaround too.

  • I am using the new UI which renders Kendo UI grids. However am unable to update the grid grouping using a script component.

    This is a simple request to be able to group by more then one column.

    I will be forced to seek for alternative solutions other than Progress Rollbase if this is not something that can be accomplished.

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately platform doesn't support this out of the box. However you can achieve this by using our client Side Ajax API's and kendo API's to build on your own. Rollbase client side API's allows to query your Object Data and construct your own version of Kendo Grid using this data. Ideally this works as local data Source to your Kendo Grid and you can configure  sorting, filter and grouping on this data by using Kendo API's.

    Attached sample Application xml which demonstrates how you can achieve multiple grouping by using our client side API (rbf_selectQuery()) and Kendo API's . Added new tab with custom script component where I have logic written to achieve this feature. Attached screenshot also for your reference.

    Follow below links for more details how you can do this,



    Multiple GroupBy_v2.xml

    Hope this helps,