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Ampersand (&) in name return no results when used in conjunction with selector and group by


Ampersand (&) in name return no results when used in conjunction with selector and group by

  • When a Lookup uses a Selector with a List View which has a a Group By, and the field being grouped (e.g. name) has an ampersand (&) in one of the records, the result returns an empty set.

    For example when looking up products by category:

    which has a Group By defined in its view:

    The result (of the lookup from a related object) is null (no records to display):

    This is not the case when the view is used from say Products (not via a Lookup Selector).

  • Hi,

    I tested this and couldn't reproduce in house can you share the text which contains "&" in your Products object. Also please provide your Rollbase version.

    I tried to reproduce with below steps:

    1)Created two objects Products and Order (M:1)

    2)Created a view("ex: Custom View") in Products objects by Grouping "Product(integration name is "name")" and sorted by "Updated At".

    3)Created few records with "&" in Products objects.

    4)In the Order the lookup field uses selector and the view as ("Custom View ").

    5)When I try to select the value using look up I am able to see all the records in the list view which are grouped by "Name" and sorted by "created at".

    Please let me know If I missed anything from above steps.



  • Hi Shiva,

    The problem occurs when you group on a related object. To replicate you need to relate your Product object with say the Account object (M:1) and then lookup Products by Account on the Order. If an Account has an ampersand (&) in the name it fails.

    I have replicated the problem in the Order Management App (installed from the Marketplace):

    1. From Products, Viewing All Products by Account succeeds. Note the name of the related account "Acme & Co":

    2. Add a line Item to a Quote and lookup the product:

    3. Viewing All Products is fine:

    4. Viewing All Products by Account fails (when used with a Selector Lookup):

    5. Changing the name of the account from "Acme & Co" to "Acme and Co" succeeds:

    The problem can be replicated across the entire system, for any related object with an ampersand in the "Group By" field.

    Please let me know the defect number when raised.


  • Hi,

    This is a bug and #51486 has been raised for the same.  

    As a workaround for now,   please remove the grouped-by column (in your case 'Category') from the view.  

    Steps for workaround:

    1. Go the Edit page of the View. ( Go to Object Definition ==> Views ==>  Edit)

    2. In the second section of the page, which is 'Columns' section,  move the column that is grouped-by to Left. (i.e,. in your case,  move the 'Category' column from right table to left. )

    3. Save the View.

    This should fix your issue of no records shown in the selector pop-up.

    Please let me know if this works for you. We shall keep you posted on when this fix would be available in the product.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Hi Harsha,

    Yes the workaround works. Look forward to the bug fix.

    Thank you for your assistance to date.