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sum formula field


sum formula field

  • hello,

    I have a some numric furmola field and  I want to calculate the sum of these fields into the text box in custom report 

    I tried several versions of #culc.sum , but without success.

    Can you help me?

  • Can you clarify what you mean when you say, "... into the text box in custom report"? Share a screenshot of what you have tried.

  • total payment is a formula field

  • total payment is a formula field

  • total payment is a formula field

  • Query Limitations

    Only data fields with stored input values (text, decimal, etc.) can be used in a SELECT expression. Dependent fields, such as formulas, cannot be used in query methods. A relationship (i.e. Lookup) field can be used, but will only take the ID of the first related record--not an array of all related records. Related fields can be used if they point to a data field.

    The limitation preventing formulas from being used in the Query API can be easily bypassed in simple cases.

    Consider this Formula: {!amount} * {!price}

    Though you cannot use this Formula in a query directly, you can create a query such as:

    SELECT SUM(amount*price)

       FROM order WHERE ...

    Refer to

    If your formula is complex, use expression field type. Fields of type expression are stored in database and hence can be used in query api group functions. Formula fields are only stored in memory.

  • but expression field not allow field fron releted object