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Automatically update LookUp field


Automatically update LookUp field

  • Hello! 

    I created contaction between "Object 1" to Users- many to many.

    I want that when creating a new  record of "Object 1" it will be added automatically all existing Users, Or a preferable option, all users with the same LDF as the new record of "Object 1".

    This is to allow sending email to all users associated with the record.

    for example:
    I have:
    user a- with location  a
    user b- with location b 
    user c- with location  a 

    New reccord- with location a
    Automatically linked to users: a and c.

    Would love your help.


  • Hi Tehila,

    Refer the following documentation for details on 'Assigning LDF values to records'.



  • Thanks but this is not what i need...

    I have relationship many to many between users and object1.

    I want that the users lookup field will be automatically contain all the users that have the same location as the record OR all the users in the tenant.

    I need to connect the users because I want to use the trigger to send email and pull the token Users Email to send an email to all users relevant to this record.



  • This has been followed through the support case.

    As on today Sending emails to multiple users is not supported in Rollbase. But still you can achieve this by creating one additional trigger.

    Steps to perform "Sending Email to multiple users"

    1)Create a field of Type Email "User Emails"

    2)Create a trigger of type "Update Field" and select the above field to be updated . In the trigger section include the following code:

    return ","; // These can be dynamically generated using server side API'S.

    3)Now in the "Send Email" trigger use the field "Users Emails" get the token and include in "send to" field.

    Order of these triggers should be: