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[4.2] Multiple Attach


[4.2] Multiple Attach

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We are on 4.2 now and I would like to clarify something :

Is the multiple attach only available in selector pages that we open from a many selector lookup ?

Now I am I am trying to do a multiple attach from the selector page that opens from the attach button available in a related section. But it does not look like it is there ? Is that correct ?

Can you help on this please, because we've been putting a functionality on hold for this multiple attach feature, and we need to get it done asap please.



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  • Hi Meryk,

    You understood correct. It is available only on Selector Popup.



  • I mean it is available when you launch selector pop up from a look up field not when you try to do from a related list attach button.

  • When I click Search on that selector page (open from the attach button), then the multiple attach checkboxes show up.

    Can you confirm ?

  • I don't see that check boxes even I do search.  I opened attach object (say object2) button from related list and tried search I still see a hyperlink. 

    Here is the screenshot

  • I have a detailed Search section in that selector page. I meant when I click the Search button in that section, I see the checkboxes and the "Attach Selected" button.

  • But the multiple attach is still not working here.

  • Please log a support case

  • I did .

    Thank you