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Tabular Report - Related Recods


Tabular Report - Related Recods

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I have a tabular report with one layer of related records.  Problem: The report only shows a maximum of 20 related records - with no pagination enabled.  What have I missed.

Regards, Dan

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  • Deleted Report and created again.  ? Ok now.

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  • Hi Dan,

    Pagination controls should be visible.

    Can you please share following details:

    Private or Public Cloud

    If Private Cloud, Rollbase version details.

    'Rows per page' configured for User (Setup Home -> My Settings)

    A snapshot of Tabular Report view page.

    Any filters configured on Tabular Report.

  • Hello Siraj,

    Public Cloud.

    I set Rows per page (Setup Home -> My Settings) to 20.  Previously blank.  Pagination controls on the sub-level 1 are now 'enabled' - but acts as if it only has 20 records to display.  ---- message to right of pagination controls = 'No items to display'   I know this is incorrect.

    No filters.  Forgive me Siraj, I don't see how to attach a screen shot.

  • Hi Dan,

    We are not able to repro this in house.How the two objects are related?

    Could you please use "Rich Formatting" link beside Reply button for attaching screenshot. One you select the image please click "insert" button which is available in the same dialog.



  • Tabular Report above.  No items to display (lower right).

    Below - Applicators with Related List of Jobs on view. (1:M) works perfectly.

  • Deleted Report and created again.  ? Ok now.