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Rollbase Prod DB to Rollbase Test DB


Rollbase Prod DB to Rollbase Test DB

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We have Rollbase privatecloud V

For test purposes we want to know if there is any posibility to place a copy of the production database to the test database every night.

If this is possible, what steps do we have to take?

Regards Jorrit
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  • I'm not a production person but here is what I;m doing in in my development environment:

    Hope this helps, Thierry.

    With My SQL, I take DB backup on a regular basis that I can restore on same system in case of problems.  I have restored the backup on another RB system (a second development machine) without any problem.  One machine running Windows 7 and the other one Windows 10.

    I do something like this:

    mysqldump -u root -p rb_dbo2 > "\RB\rb_dbo-2016-May-30.sql"


    use rb_dbo

    source \rb\rb_dbo-2016-May-30.sql