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Problem with ID in query after upgrade


Problem with ID in query after upgrade

This question is not answered

After upgrade to 4.2 no of my query using {!id} give correct result.


"select sum(price) from orderlines where Rxxxx={!id}"

How can this be fixed???

If i try this: "select id, price, Rxxxx from orderlines where id=123123123"

it always return "0" at the Rxxx field, and this have in earlier version returned the id of the relatet record.

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  • We are looking into this

  • Can you share the IDs of the customers (tenants)  where you are facing this issue ?

  • You can see details on the support case: 00345906

    Customer tenant: 58885486

  • Can you please enable Support Access for tenant: 58885486

  • This tenant has enabled supportaccess

  • Is there any new info?

  • Will have an update soon. Still working on it.

  • We had installed 4.2 on our test servers, now the binaries are not available anymore. Also, the public version has been reverted back to 4.1. What happened? Should we also deinstall these 4.2 version?

  • Due to some critical issues we had to revert back to 4.1. Please do not use the 4.2 binaries that you have already downloaded. Further update on this will be posted soon.