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  • hello , 

    Is there any way to get the options in a picklist (courses) depending on the choice in the first picklist (class level) ?

  • Please check this out documentation.progress.com/.../

  • hi ,

    but the two fields are Lookups !

  • Hi Abir,

    You cloud use Main lookup and link lookup concept where link lookup acts as Dependent picklist for the selected Main lookup.

    For more details

  • hi Shivani Silveri ,

    please more explication , Where can I find Main lookup and link lookup ?

  • hi Shivani Silveri ,

    please more explication , Where can I find Main lookup and link lookup ?

  • Please refer this documentation link:


  • Attached the sample application.


    1) Install the attached app

    2) Click on New Product

    3) Select Parent Type as Accommodation

    4) Click on Child Types and observe that one list displayed

    5) When you select Tours as Parent Type then another list displayed



  • hi Siraj, 

    can you tell me where to edit , please

  • Abir,

    Main Lookup and Link lookup options will show up automatically when required conditions meet. Please refer to the sample app shared by Srinivas.

    For Object C, if it has relationship to A such that C -> A is cardinality 1 & a relationship with B. Wherein there is also a link relationship between A -> B, in such a case Main Lookup & Link lookup options will be made available automatically for Relationship field B (i.e. C -> B) .

  • The required conditions are documented in this KnowledgeBase article: knowledgebase.progress.com/.../000056729 An older entry in the Community that helped create this content: community.progress.com/.../14626 Hope you are able to proceed.
  • thank you for the answer ,I done it already