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How to create a popup / model window


How to create a popup / model window

  • I want to create the popup / model window for a contact record. In the popup page, i want to capture communication log and todo detail. After submitting the popup form, it should create the communication log record and todo record.

    Any one knows how to it?

    Do we have to create portal page then iframe or something else?

  • you can use kendo ui window and populate the fields you want by making api call.

  • Do y have example how to open the popup?

  • Hello Anu,

    Kendo UI window can be attached through onclick of the button like you described the other day as follows:

    <button type="button" label="callbutton" onclick="newpopupFunction()">Call</button>
    <div id="dialog"> </div>

    function newpopupFunction() {

        var dialog = $("#dialog").kendoWindow(

            height: 600,
            width: 800,
            content: "http://localhost:<port_if_any>/master/m/popup.jsp?pageId=1655"



    I am still looking into adding both Communication Log and the To-Do to the single popup. But this should get you started, I hope.

    Some documentation you may find useful:    (demo of the Kendo UI Window)   (documentation for Kendo Window)