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Early Access Program for V4.2


Early Access Program for V4.2

  • We are very happy to announce the availability of the first EAP for V4.2.  

    This release has some really transformative new ui features, in particular, our improved support for mobile devices as well as a long list of other features that should improve the platform tremendously.

    The details of the EAP are discussed in community.progress.com/.../

  • We had various issues with the name used for accessing the RB instance.

    From now on, please use the following URL to access the EAP: http://eap.rollbase.com or http://beta.rollbase.com

    Note: it will redirect you to the appropriate machine

    Also, note it is http and not https

    Thanks, Thierry.

  • Hi Thierry,

    How to get access to EAP?



  • For EAP access please send me private message.