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Trigger action create 2 identical records.


Trigger action create 2 identical records.

  • Hi Team,

    Please help me to understand the expected result of triggers workflow action here. I add a "Create record" trigger to "Run selected triggers" workflow Action. In the meantime, I added the below condition to the trigger to avoid duplicated data. However, there are still 2 identical records created at the same time when the action is proceed. 

    var m_Name = '{!name#text}';

    var isResellerExist = rbv_api.selectQuery("SELECT name FROM Reseller where name=?", 1, m_Name);

    if ("{!Potential#value}" === "Reseller" && isResellerExist.length <= 0) {
    return true;
    else return false;

  • Hi Team, I found it quite unpredictable. I tried the same trigger and action several times, sometimes only one record created as I want it to, but sometimes duplicate records created.

  • Further to that, I found the duplicates only happen when I set On Field Change "Any updates". But if I set On Field Change to be "Workflow Action" or "Workflow status", no record will be created. It looks like the action will trigger before the status changed?

  • Hi Caylali,

    The script that you were using to restrict duplicate values in "Reseller" object is working fine. I assume that you are using this script in workflow action instead of the trigger itself.

    I have verified by using your script in "create record trigger and tested by changing "onFieldChange" to "Any Updates" as well by changing "onFIeldChange" to "Workflow Actions"/"Workflow status". Please correct me if I understand your requirement correctly.