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twitter/facbook on rollbase


twitter/facbook on rollbase

  • Hello,

    Can we access twitter or facebook from rollbase? I have searched it but not able to find possible solution. Please suggest members Is there any way to access facebook/twiiter? I am using version on private cloud. 

  • Hi,

    We do not have support for Facebook/Twitter integration within the product as of now.

  • Hi,

    Could you please share what exactly you would like to achieve?

  • We can access google mail (gmail) from rollbase.In the same way I want to access twitter/facebook in rollbase. Is there any way to achieve this?  

  • You can integrate your facebook posts or twitter tweets by embedding their widgets into your page's html/script component. Check out

    There are many more examples out there that show you how.

  • Hi santosh,

    I guess the link which you have sent is not suitable for rollbase. Please can you explain what will be the steps required to integrate facebook post or twitter.

  • And that is where requirements come in Shilpi, as Shivani asked for. What is it that you exactly want to do with Facebook and Twitter inside Rollbase?

    For one I was able to put a timeline in my Rollbase with little or no effort. I used the page plugin that is the replacement for the likebox plugin mentioned in my earlier share. Check out

    More daunting tasks will require going through the APIs exposed by Facebook and Twitter (look into their developer APIs). But yes, we don't have facility today to provide a gmail like integration for FB and Twitter today.

  • I just want to show my facebook account posts on rollbase through craeting a new object or some other way. Like we can see our gmail inbox through enabling imap in gmail setting and through Third party settings in Rollbase's Gmail tab. Same way I want to access facebook account posts in rollbase.. Please suggest.

  • There is no direct integration on the lines of Gmail as of today.

    As mentioned earlier, you need to go the API way and use Facebook Graph API and Twitter's API to get hold of your posts/tweets and show them in Rollbase just like embedding them in any other website.

    I found this which could be useful to you.