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[4.0.4] UI Bugs - New UI


[4.0.4] UI Bugs - New UI

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I just noticed a few UI issues in version 4.0.4. and would like to know if these have already been reported or not. Kindly find below the attached screenshots. The second issue is when I hover over the three dots.

Kindly let me know when these would be fixed.



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  • Looks like you have outdated  lang_en.properties
  • Hi Iram,

    I am unable to reproduce the above issues.

    You might have missed to update lang_en.properties file.

    For example, the below property should be there for More Actions tooltip.

    newui.listview.moreActionsTooltip= Please select at least one record to enable 'More Actions' menu.

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Hi Murali/Chandu,

    Would you be able to let us know if you have a change log of the lang properties files. We have made many changes to the existing files and would like to keep them and merge the changes as it is painful to go through the changes once again.

    Thank you!


  • Makes sense; We have an internal tool to call out the delta. We could make it generally available; Let us get back to you on this
  • Thank you!

  • Hi guys,

    Is there any update on that internal tool that we can use to retrieve the change log of those language files? Kindly let me know.