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Rich text editor display problems


Rich text editor display problems

  • Hi,

    We have some issues displaying the rich text control on edit and new record pages. The editor does not display. It seems to be on certain PC's and not others (using Windows 7 with IE 10 and Chome v44). Tried clearing cache and resetting browsers back to defaults but it still persists.

  • Hi,

    I could reproduce this issue locally, however, can you please confirm if you see this issue only if you try to Paste(Ctrl+V) in the Text area or it is also seen when you hand type the content?



  • This is a display issue with the Rich Text control. New and Edit pages do not show the control when they are loaded. this only happens on certain client machines. Nothing to do with paste

  • Can you share the OS version and Browser  used version where you are seeing issues ?

  • Windows 7 64bit.

    Chrome Version 44.0.2403.155 m and IE 11.0.9600.17959IS

    Other PC's with the same setup are ok. We have cleared browser cache and reset browsers to default settings but no luck

  • Since the issue occurs with few machines, we are expecting some browser or machine configuration issues. Can you share the screenshot of rich text editor when this issue occurs. Also if possible share a screenshot of browser console(F12->console) when the issue occurs. This will help us know the issue properly.

  • No rich text control shown above in Notes/Comments area.

    IE console:

  • The screenshot suggests that the rich text editor has read only property set. Please look whether the property is checked or not. If checked then uncheck it.

    How to get field properties:

    1) Go to "Design This Page" for the respective Edit record page.

    2) Look for the value of "read only" field for the respective rich text field as shown below.

    3) Uncheck the "read only" property and save.

    Please try above steps and let us know whether this works.

  • It wasn't set to "read only". However, we upgraded to V4.0.1.0 (Win64) and the problem seems to have gone away.