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TimeZones and Dates

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I have a date-field with this option:

If I establish a record the default date is not my local date. I think it is the servers date.

If I establish a record before 07:00 am I got the wrong date (The date before), becuase of the differencies in the timezones.

Both my personal and company's setting is:

Is there any solution on this problem?

When I save this record, and test it with a select, I see the db is saved with no timezone:


If I create a record dynamically and save the current date (rbv_api.getCurrentDate()) to the same field, this date is saved with timezone.


Even if this date is only a DATE-field it is saving the time of date too.

I then get a problem if i use to select on a specific date, becuase "where date='2015.06.11' will not return any records.

Is this as it shouuld be, or is it an error?

Does anyone have good suggestions on how the dates should be treated?

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  • Hi -

    I think the screenshots are missing. Can you please check and re-add them?



  • Sorry, I have now updated the screenshots in my original post.

  • Can you please provide info on  how are you trying to -

    1. set the Date value?

    2. get the Date value?

    And also, please provide which version of rollbase you are on? (or) public cloud?



  • I set the date in a "New Page" with this field. When I use the option "Use current date..", the date is not my current date.

    If I try to do this between 00:00am and 07:00am, i got the previous date.

    Get: I see this date in the new page when using this option. I also see this dae in the corresponding view-page.

  • Please provide the rollbase version on which you see this error? If on hosted cloud, please provide us with an login where we can replicate the issue?