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Way to update a value in a View


Way to update a value in a View

  • HI All 

    Can anyone guide me a way to update the  record in a view  through trigger

    What I would want when i select a record and run the trigger 

    In a list view I would like to update a Column - DOCS - "complete"

  • even tried this code

    if('{!R84549879#value}'== " ")

    return "complete"

    but when manually I'm binding the value its working,, here too there is a issue

    if they are two records if I'm binding the record to row one its ok and when I bind the same value to second row the values of the row one is getting erased / becomes NULL

  • Hi mysteryminds,

    Your "Docs" field is a lookup. It is not possible to update it using a string (i.e return "complete").

    The "Docs" field is a reference to another object.

    To update the field to show "complete" in your UI, you need to know the ID of the record in the referenced object that has the description "complete" and return the ID.


    if('{!R84549879#value}'== " ")
    return 12345;

    PS: 12345 in the referenced object means "complete".
  • Dear Ricardo


    But I did not quite get the way you told me  

    I've tried running the code in a way but it seems not be workingg  

  • Hi mysteryminds,

    You can create a relation which would bind the values of one object to other



  • I.e

    if('{!R12345#value}'== " ")
    return {!R12345.R111111};
  • thanks Ricardo