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Waiting for a lookup as a picklist to load


Waiting for a lookup as a picklist to load

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I have three objects in my application and there are multiple relationships between them. My object: obj1 has a relationship between the other two: obj1 - Reseller (M-1) and obj1 - Division (M-1). There is also a relationship between Reseller and Division (1-M). I have lookups of these relationships on my page and selecting a Reseller populates the Division as well. I would like to wait for the Division lookup field that is styled as a picklist to load so that I can carry out some further tasks. When I try to alert the onchange of my reseller lookup field, it always comes back with the previous division picklist length i.e. number of items in the picklist. Is there any other way I could achieve this without using a timeout that waits for the division picklist to load?

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  • Hi Iram,

    The JavaScript function which filters the value of the dependent lookup is asynchronous. Hence, it will allow other operations to continue before the transmission has finished.

    If you don't want the list to load asynchronously, you can use the 2 lookup fields (as selectors) instead. You can filter Division records by using rbf_setLookupFilter onchange of Reseller lookup.