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Sort on a Lookup (Applicant) field


Sort on a Lookup (Applicant) field

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From the list view, why can't you sort on a Lookup field? Are there any other suggestions to sort by this Lookup field, Applicant?


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  • Hi Diana,

    Lookup fields are sortable on my end. Can you provide more information about your lookup field like relationship cardinality and screenshots?

    Below is a screenshot of my list view wherein the Subject(lookup) is sorted.



  • If the Applicant lookup is the only field which cannot be sorted in the view, then most probably it is caused by its relationship cardinality.

    In my screenshot below, I displayed all the possible relationship cardinality for an object. Only 2 are sortable out of 4: one subject - one student and one subject - many students

  • Lookup fields are sortable for 1:1 and 1:N relationships.